Glow House, A13 Green

Created as part of London’s first ever Light Night and situated within the centre of Canning Town’s rapidly changing town centre beneath the A13 flyover, ‘Glow House’ provides an informal discussion space for residents and visitors to record their own personal experiences and memories of Canning Town.

Clients: The Brick Box, Newham Council, Arts Council England and Bouygues Group

Building upon the Brick Box Arts Group’s council-funded A13 Green project, which aimed to increase community engagement in Canning Town through a series of urban interventions and programmed arts events, Glow House is a collaboration between Urban Projects Bureau, Non_Plan and Output Arts.

Designed around the metaphor of ‘the home’, Glow House’s four painted, black-lit glowing elevations depict four separate rooms of a house, each posing a different question to the residents and visitors of Canning Town. While the kitchen and bathroom ponder the future through providing an opportunity for participants to submit a key ingredient / remedy for Canning Town respectively, the central living room becomes the heart of an informal discussion gravitating around personal stories, memories and dreams.

A temporary installation, Glow House took place as part of Light Night Canning Town on 30 November 2013 where a series of lighting installations illuminated the streets, spaces and hearts of Canning Town, with interventions and events by Output Arts, Speirs and Major, The House of Fairy Tales, Caravanserai, Creatmosphere, Leni Schwendinger, Bishi, Gavin turk, Cody Dock, and collaborations from local residents and artists.