Alex Warnock-Smith

Alex is the Director of UPB. He is a qualified Architect and Urbanist, trained at the University of Cambridge and the Architectural Association. Alex has worked at a number of leading practices in the UK, has taught at several leading academic institutions around the world, and has lectured internationally on issues of architecture and urbanism, social justice and current affairs. Alex is Spatial Practices Programme Director at Central saint Martins, and was formerly a Course Master at the Architectural Association Graduate School, and a Design Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

Alex oversees all of the projects undertaken by UPB, which include several innovative and award-winning public and private sector buildings, town centre and public realm strategies, including the RIBA Award-winning Bradford Building at Graveney School, and the design of a public space, public realm and town centre strategy for Tooting and the Meridian Water Meanwhile Masterplan for Enfield.