Design and the Informal City Research Cluster

UPB are part of the AA Research Cluster rethinking the spatial conditions of informal cities, run by Elena Pascolo, Alex Warnock-Smith and Jorge Fiori.

Client: The Architectural Association

Events hosted by the cluster included:

30/05/2012 Creative Acts of Citizenship, The Informal as Praxis

Presentation and discussion by Teddy Cruz

09/02/2012 Informal City: Design as Political Engagement Symposium

Invited participants: Alfredo Brillembourg (Urban Think Tank, Chair for Architecture and Urban Design

ETH Zurich), Jose Castillo (arquitectura 911sc, Urban Age, LSE Cities advisory board member), Franklin Lee (SUBdv, AA

Unit Master 2005-10), Jorge Jauregi (Atelier Metropolitano), Dr Felippe Hernandez (Lecturer University of Cambridge)

29/11/2011 Medellin’s Social Urbanism: Symbolism or Transformation? Symposium

Invited participants: Dr Julio D’avila (Senior Lecturer, Development Planning Unit, UCL), Professor Ann Varley (Dept of

Geography, UCL), Dr Felippe Hernandez (Lecturer, University of Cambridge)

19/10/2011 Slum Free Cities, public lecture by Mukesh Mehta

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