Aylesbury Grammar School Masterplan

UPB are working with Aylesbury Grammar School to develop a conceptual masterplan and spatial strategy for the development and growth of the school campus.

We are working closely with AGS to develop a vision for the school in 2030 as a leading education campus, and a strategic plan for how to achieve this vision. The project includes an in-depth analysis of the organisation of the existing campus and potential development sites; a consideration of sequences of internal and external shared spaces; re-thinking access in and out of the school and movement around the campus; and a reorganisation of the existing buildings into more consolidated clusters and centres of excellence.

At an architectural scale, the strategy includes an in-depth analysis of the existing building conditions; detailed proposals for building refurbishments and modifications; design proposals for new buildings and campus facilities; planning applications and fund-raising strategies.

Aylesbury Grammar School Masterplan
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Ongoing, 2015

UPB Team

Alex Warnock-Smith, Project Director
Yonatan Buchhandler, Project Architect
Matthew Jeniec, Project Architect