Chailey Street

UPB undertook a sensitive extension and refurbishment of a dilapidated Victorian terrace house in Upper Clapton, London to create an enlarged living space, new kitchen and dining room, and level access to the garden.

We opened up the interiors to allow light deep into the plan and inserted internal windows to enable views through the house. We worked closely with our artist-client to curate the material and colour palette of the interiors, and recycled waste building materials from the original house and other nearby buildings, transforming waste flooring, timber and concrete into new linings, beams and joinery.

Chailey Street
Hackney, London
Completed, 2016–2017



UPB Team

Alex Warnock-Smith, Project Director
Matthew Jeniec, Project Lead

Project Team

Constant Structural Design Ltd, Structural Engineer
RK Construction, Main Contractor
Kilian O'Sullivan, Photographer