Meridian One - Brambling House

UPB have collaborated with HTA, Hawkins / Brown and Fisher Cheng to design and deliver the first phase of Enfield Council’s Meridian Waters development.

Delivered by Vistry Partnerships, ‘Meridian One’ is a mixed-use residential development of 977 homes, 50% of which will be affordable housing. Phase 1 includes 676 new homes, commercial space, leisure facilities and a health centre. Planning was achieved in 2021 and construction commenced in June 2021.

UPB designed Brambling House, which acts as a gateway to the site from the Kimberley Road residential neighbourhood. The building includes 20 residential units, all of which are accessible, affordable and meet London Energy Transfer Initiative standards for sustainable, carbon zero development.

Eyes on the Street: creating active frontages and layered facades.

The external elevations of buildings are the internal elevations of streets. From our experience of housing, public buildings and public realm design, the perimeter, or skin of the building is an active and dynamic interface between interior and exterior, people and families, groups and individuals, the home and the street.

Street elevations structure social relations through views, movement, windows and doors. Strong proportions and repeated patterns give civic identity and cohesiveness to a street and a neighbourhood. Fenestration gives identity and belonging to external spaces and internal rooms. Porches, front gardens, decks, and loggias create three-dimensional spaces within the facade that people can dwell in, customise, and make their own.

Flexible Living: creating adaptable typologies that respond to diverse families and evolve with changing forms.

One size does not fit all. From our experience of working with family housing over the past 10 years, we know that flexibility and adaptability are essential for enabling people to inhabit dwelling spaces that are as unique and special as they are.

Our knowledge of the local area indicates that families are diverse and changeable in their composition, structure and numbers. The nuclear family is not always the norm. New family housing must respond to local demographics and provide spaces for many different forms of family relations.

The covid-pandemic highlighted more than ever the importance of flexible-use spaces within the home: spaces to work in, spaces to learn in, spaces for carers, and spaces for families to grow and change. Working-from-home and flexible-working are becoming the new norm. Family housing must provide a range of spaces that families can use and adapt to suit their needs.

Constructing Neighbourhoods: typologies that support social life.

Housing typologies should provide layered sequences between public, shared and private spaces, which structure and support social relations and public life.

Civic identity. We aim to create an exemplary urban environment that supports long-lasting neighbourhoods, which are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, active and diverse.

The scheme provides 20 new residential units comprising:

2 x 3-bedroom wheelchair accessible maisonettes

8 x 3-bedroom maisonettes

8 x 4-bedroom maisonettes

2 x 1-bedroom flats

All upper floor units include a private, west facing roof terrace whilst the ground floor units include a private terrace opening onto a large communal garden to the rear of the block.

Meridian One - Brambling House
Enfield, London
Complete, 2020


Enfield Council

UPB Team

Alex Warnock-Smith, Project Director
Yonatan Buchhandler, Project Architect
Matthew Jeniec, Project Architect

Project Team

Vistry Group, Main Contractor
Hawkins Brown, Consulting Architect
HTA, Consulting Architect
Walsh Structural and Civil Engineers, Structural Engineer
MLM Consult Ltd, M&E Consultant
CBRE, Planning Consultant
Energist UK, Acoustic Consultant
Chapmanbdsp, Fire Consultant
Jack Hobhouse, Photographer